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Choosing A Pet: What You Need To Know

Choosing a pet is a big decision.  Many families don’t know what they don’t know.  I am on a mission to educate families about what they don’t know.  I want to keep families from making decisions with their hearts, that will ultimately break their hearts.  I have seen so many families sucked in by a puppy in the window from an unscrupulous retail pet store.  Their hearts were ultimately broken watching their dogs suffer through health issues, and putting their families in danger with aggressive and fearful temperament issues.

With knowledge, this heartache can be avoided.  And as an added bonus, irresponsible puppy millers and retail outlets can be put out of business.  Potential pet owners should also have realistic expectations with shelters and rescue groups.

Potential pet owners should know what exactly a “responsible breeder” is.

Pet owners should look for pets that are compatible with their lifestyles.  Pet ownership is a big responsibility.  Getting a pet that is incompatible with your lifestyle could be a dealbreaker and lead to the return of the dog or cat to a high kill shelter.

Know what your new pet will need and commit to providing for those needs.  Training, grooming, exercise, enrichment, potty solutions, and socialization are important needs to be considered.

Bringing a pet into your home should be a joyous journey.  It’s work, but it can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life!

Please watch this video from my friends at BECONTV, starring me and my adopted dog Maddie.  “Take Paws”, an educational program, blessed me with the opportunity to speak on this  subject.  I hope you enjoy it.

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