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Update on Ruby, the Traumatized Puppy

Abused traumatized puppy

Ruby, a traumatized puppy

fearful puppies

Ruby “After”









Last fall, I wrote a blog about Ruby.  Sarah, Ruby’s owner, had asked me to help her with her very fearful puppy.  Ruby is, by far, the most shut down puppy I have ever met.  Tremendous progress was initiated with some simple hand targeting exercises as well as a plan to introduce novel items in a rewarding way.  Ruby was very food motivated.

Click here for Ruby’s story

I worked with Ruby’s family and Sarah sent me some very encouraging video about her progress.  About a week after posting my blog about Ruby, Sarah sent some more photos and video.  I am thrilled to share them!

I like to be realistic with my clients about expectations, but Ruby really surprised me!  Enjoy the “happy Ruby” video below (sorry for the quality).  There are always strategies to change dog behavior.  Sometimes it results in manageable changes for the better, and sometimes it is an amazing transformation.  This was a very rewarding experience for me.  It’s good to be optimistic about changing and managing behavior.  Just remember that optimism should not overshadow the safety and well being of humans and other animals.

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