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Finally, A Solution for Pet Accidents on Rugs

Pet stains and odor oriental rugsPet odors are very challenging to remove from rugs.  That’s why I suggest rolling up carpets during puppy house training. Of course, accidents happen.  Dogs get sick, humans forget to let the dog out… life happens.

Last week, I visited Joe Akin, of Oriental Rug Care in Fort Lauderdale, for a crash course in rug care.  So here’s some expert advice on emergency response actions for an accident on your favorite rug.

pet accidents

Joe Akin

Do blot the liquid
Do cover area with baking soda
Do vacuum baking soda when dry
Do call in professionals like Oriental Rug Care to remove stains or odor

Don’t rub the area
Don’t use carpet cleaners like resolve – they change the PH
Don’t steam clean – it will set the odor in

Washing pet stains and odor oriental rugs

Each of these PVC pipes rinse rugs until the water runs clear

So what goes on behind the scenes at Oriental Rug Care?  They carefully hand wash and care for your rug.
When a rug arrives it is assessed for stain and odor.
It is neutralized with “copious amounts of water”.
The rug is treated based on the assessment.
The rug is then dried properly.
Voila- the rug is restored, beautiful and odor free!
Oriental Rug Care provides pick up and delivery.
I’ve waited a long time to be able to refer my clients to a rug cleaning solution… And here it is! Yay!

Removing pet stains and odor oriental rugs

The wash tub area

Pet stains and odor oriental rugs

Drying the clean and odor free rugs


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