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“My Dog Has Issues, I Have No Life”

Many of the common complaints I hear from dog owners, are behaviors that are very isolating.  Below are a few of the issues that my clients have had to address to “get their lives back”aggressive dog behavior modification fort lauderdale dog trainer

  • Potty issues – can’t entertain guests
  • Jumping issues – can’t entertain guests
  • Separation anxiety – can’t leave the house
  • Aggression – can’t entertain guests
  • Reactive – can’t walk dog
  • Co-dependence – can’t get anything done around the house

Behavior issues show up gradually and sporadically.  Over time the dog owner gives up more and more of their life to accomodate the issue without really managing the behavior.  Sometimes I get calls from potential clients that have changed their lives completely to accomodate their dog.

All of the behaviors above can be managed so that the dog owner can eventually reclaim their life.  A credentialed dog trainer can assist dogs and owners to work through temporary lifestyle adjustments.  No dog owner should feel that their dog has ruined his social life.


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