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Hire a dog trainer on DAY 1
Hire a dog trainer on DAY 1

Ah, the first day puppy comes home. It’s full of excitement, high-pitched squeals, cuteness overload, and big dreams. Yup. Dreams of hiking, playing, visits to dog-friendly restaurants, swimming at the beach, meeting new people and dogs, and maybe even dreams of sports or therapy work fill the head of the new puppy parent.

Puppyhood goes fast. First week, first month, then next thing you know, the pup is 6 months old. You thought about calling a trainer or enrolling in classes twenty times…and time kept ticking. You put up with the chewed up rugs and furniture, the jumping on guests, and you’ve been cleaning up pee and poo and the puddles and piles keep getting bigger. Then, it’s a gorgeous day out. You decide to take your dog to a dog-friendly event at the park…. and BAM! Your cute baby is yanking and lunging on the leash, barking uncontrollably at other dogs, and you are hanging on to the leash for life. You fall on to the ground scrape yourself up and realize your dog is loose. He knocks down an old lady and a little kid. You’re screaming for your dog to come back to you and your dog is loving this awesome game of chase. Finally, someone grabs the leash. You take the dog to the car and scream at him the whole way home. At 10 months old, you finally contact a trainer. It’s going to be a tough road.

Some people love drama. For those people, the scenario above is perfect for them. If you don’t love drama, start training on day one. I mean it. You should call a trainer BEFORE you even think about getting a puppy. A good trainer can steer you away from puppy mill dogs that have suffered abuse that make them difficult to house train and socialize. A good dog trainer can steer you away from backyard breeders that isolate puppies therefore impairing their socialization. A good dog trainer can help you find an appropriate dog or puppy from a reputable breeder or rescue group.

A good trainer should be on the scene, at your house on day one or before the new puppy arrives. A good trainer will help you SAFELY socialize your puppy and avoid any emotional traumatic situations. A good trainer will help you establish boundaries with your puppy so your puppy doesn’t have the freedom to get into trouble with destructive chewing, jumping on people, running into danger, biting hands and ankles, inappropriate elimination, and oh so many other undesirable behaviors. A good trainer can enter the scene early and make training fun and exciting.

Dog training is much more than sit, stay, and coming when called. It’s about preventing bad behaviors from the very first day. It’s about setting you up to live the dream. The dreams that filled your head on day one…lovely walks and hiking, playing, visiting dog-friendly restaurants and places, and maybe even some really high level sports or therapy work.

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