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New Puppy? 3 ways to Prepare for the Arrival of Your Puppy and Your Dog Trainer

Puppy training

My last blog “From Day One” explained the value of having a dog trainer assist with your puppy from the day he arrives at your house.  This blog is devoted to how to prepare for the arrival of your puppy and your dog trainer.

Puppy proof your home
*Roll up area rugs and store them in the garage for at least the first six weeks.
*Keep electrical cords out of reach in rooms where the puppy will be allowed.
*Keep items that are inappropriate for your puppy to chew in drawers or out of reach.  Remote controls, eyeglasses, magazines, pens, pads and other items should be put away.

Housebreaking tools

Buy your supplies
Your shopping list should include the following items.
*A crate with a divider
*Neck collar
*Identification tag
*Leash (not retractable)
*A Kong toy
*Hard rubber toys (no textiles)
*Treats (moist, smelly and chewy)
*Healthy food/kibble that is rated at least a 4 on dogfoodadvisor.com
*Healthy wet food for stuffing Kong
*Stainless steel food and water bowl
*Tether (wire covered with plastic)

Make great associations with the crate
The crate is an important part of house training, preventing destructive chewing, and dog safety.  Start making good associations with the crate right away.
*Feed your puppy in the crate.
*Give treats to your puppy for exploring the crate.
*Give your puppy lots of attention and play for exploring the crate.

You are ready for your dog training professional to arrive!

Looking for a top notch dog trainer in Greater Fort Lauderdale? Please call Oh Behave Dog Training at 954-587-2711 now for a phone consultation.


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