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Leash Manners So Your Dog is Loved

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Use a leash in public… ALWAYS.
I recommend a 6 foot nylon leash that is nice and wide to make it easy on your hands.  The leash should be firmly attached to a nylon collar or harness with a sturdy clasp.  The other end of the leash should be firmly clasped in your hand.

Do NOT use a retractable leash.
Retractable leashes are dangerous.  I could write an entire article about the dangers of retractable leashes, but there are already plenty of articles written on the subject.  Click here for an article by Dr. Karen Becker.

Supervise your dog.
Do not allow your the end of your leash to reach other dogs or other people.  I was having lunch at a pet friendly outdoor cafe when I watched cringeworthy dog owner behavior.  A woman at the table next to us was totally oblivious to her dog’s behavior on leash.  The tables were close enough that her dog was jumping on a man sitting at another table.  Although the dog was small and cute, the man at the other table clearly wanted nothing to do with her dog and was trying to move away and turn the back of his chair to her table.  The dog owner just kept chatting away.  She would pull the dog in, then forget about the dog and then the dog went back to the other table to annoy the diners at the other table.  Allowing a dog to annoy other people in public is just plain rude.
I know this will be hard dog people to believe, but not everyone likes dogs.  That’s right. Not everyone likes dogs.  Allow your dogs to interact with others only if invited. When your dog is invited to interact with people, make sure he has some obedience skills so he is not jumping on people.
Not all dogs are dog friendly.  Do not allow your dog to approach dogs of unknown temperament.  The dog could pose a danger to your dog. Owners of dog reactive or aggressive dogs may be trying very hard to control their dogs’ exposure to triggers. Don’t ruin the work they’ve done to improve their dogs’ behavior by forcing an interaction that is unwanted.

Teach your dog some leash manners.
If your dog is always straining at the end of his leash or constantly pulling, enlist the assistance of a dog trainer to teach the dog some leash manners.

practicing dog manners

Good leash manners and consideration for others will not only improve your experience taking your dog out in public, but also will allow others to enjoy the company of your dog. Be a good dog ambassador.

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