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Teaching Your Dog to Leash Up With a Harness or Leash: Video

Teaching River to accept a harness
Teaching River to accept a harness

Getting a harness or leash on or off your dog can be a tricky process if your dog is super excited about walks or uncomfortable with handling around the head.  Here are some tips to successfully harness on and harness off.

  • Practice this skill when you DON’T need to walk your dog.
  • Use a stuffed Kong so your hands are free to manipulate the harness while you are rewarding the dog.
  • Start slow if your dog is uncomfortable with the process.  Forcing the issue will lead to problems later.
  • Present the harness (or leash) and reward with a stuffed Kong.
  • Take away the harness and remove the Kong.
  • Your dog learns: Harness arrives = awesome wet food/Harness disappears = wet food disappears.
  • Be careful not to catch your dog’s skin in the clasps.
  • Practice, practice, practice!

Click here for a video about harnessing your dog.

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