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Maddie’s Brush with Therapy Work

In belated honor of the Veteran’s Day holiday, I wanted to share an amazing experience from last year. My dog Maddie visited a World War II veteran to give him a little love and furry therapy. A special thanks goes to Kay Intemann for reaching out to me, trusting me, and giving Maddie an opportunity to give a little happiness to a hero.

“My Dog Bit Someone by Accident”

When I speak to clients about bite incidents, sometimes I hear them describe it as “My dog bit someone by accident. The danger in thinking a bite incident is an accident is that it is assumed that the event is random and will not happen again. Nothing could be further from the truth.

You Can’t Lie to Your Dog

Because humans communicate verbally, we hear what people say and then observe what they do. Have you heard the saying “walking the talk”?
But what if there was no “talk”? What if you learned about people based on only what they do? Welcome to the world of dogs.

Preventing Separation Anxiety

The best way to prevent separation anxiety is to raise a confident puppy. It is important for your puppy or dog to spend time alone, while the owners are home and when they are not home and provide enriching and engaging outlets for self soothing.