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Thank you for kind words


We enjoyed our time In class at the park!

Joanne Engel

Dawn is a great instructor – we enjoyed our time in class at the park! Thank you, Dawn, for a positive experience with training Teddy. We enjoyed our times at the park with you and learned a lot about how to work with Teddy.


Dependable, professional and personable

Arlene L

Dawn was recommended to us by a Veterinarian’s practice. We sought out her services as our Standard Poodle was exhibiting aggressive behavior outdoors, including pulling while on her leash and barking at other dogs, as well as people from time to time. Dawn conducted home visits. She also had a session with us at a park as well as at a dog park.

We experienced Dawn as being extremely dependable, professional and personable. She utilized excellent techniques and methods in addressing our dog’s problematic behaviors. She relayed information in a very clear and concise manner. Dawn provided us with valuable handouts. She gave assignments between visits which proved to be highly effective. As a result of Dawn’s interventions, we have observed significant improvement in our dog’s behavior.

I strongly recommend Dawn as a trainer and feel that you will be very satisfied with the exceptional quality of the services that she provides.


Every day gets better and better


Just a little note to let you know of Louie’s progress. His manners are so good now; no more jumping up, sitting when people arrive, and walks like a heeling champ! We have been to the dog park twice since he graduated and he is doing very well. Big dogs still make him a little nervous, but he listens to me when I correct him and we take a walk. He exercises a lot and rests when I am at work. He is so obedient, but has not lost his cute personality; obedience makes him stand out more.

Last week we added a new addition to our little family. Her name is Foxy and a Border Collie (I think she is either a small pure-breed or a sheltie mix.) She is a definite herding dog who needs a job. At first she thought Louie was her job, by herding him in the house and nipping him when he didn’t do what she wanted. Since her at home training has begun, she and Louie are two peas in a pod with their obedience and play time. She is so sweet and Louie just adores her.

I have recently bought an at-home beginner agility course. Foxy and Lou can jump on command and Foxy can tunnel while Louie goes all the way in, but leaves one back leg out….he’s almost got it, though. They both walk the line that the weaving poles are placed on. I am so excited that they love it and are eager to train. Thank goodness for those turkey dogs!!!!

All is well, Dawn, and I can’t thank you enough for teaching me the tools to be a successful pack leader. Everyday gets better and better.


The training was very good

I thought [the training] was very good.  Bonnie is like another dog.  She is calmer and she doesn’t even attempt to jump up.
patti and dex

I feel blessed to have met her. Her training is priceless.

Patti Creazzo

I’ve known Dawn for almost 2 years.

I was referred to her by my vet. We had recently rescued a Morkie, Dexter Morgan from the shelter he was 4 months old and very loving but an absolute whack-a-doodle. I was afraid for his total lack of listening, consistent barking. Basically he was running the house. Our first meeting with Dawn was amazing. After explaining how this adorable little creature had already trained us to his way Dawn gave us a few lessons to work on for the upcoming week. It was amazing the difference in him by the time she came back the following week. As the weeks following her first visit went by he learned more than we ever imagined. Her real love and caring for the pets shines through in her way of training. No harsh commands just consistency and praise. After a few lessons he was a well behaved little boy. She left us with the understanding she is always there for us to call if we run into anymore issues. I feel blessed to have met her. Her training is priceless.

I would definitely and do recommend her to family and friends.

I hope this helps you in knowing Dawn a little better.


A professional you can trust

Dee Hoult

As a professional dog trainer in Miami I often get calls outside of my service area. I never hesitate referring dog owners to Oh Behave Dog Training — a training company in Broward County that you can trust. Certified and professional, Oh Behave is committed to helping dogs and their owners with both obedience and behavior concerns. I highly recommend Dawn Hannah and Oh Behave dog training!


Your class is very enjoyable

Debbie Demers & Harley

Harley is a 3 year old Hovawart Mix (we believe). We found Harley wondering the streets of Wilton Manners when he was only 10 pounds, approximately 2 years of age.

Harley and I have been training over the past few years, including, but not limited to Canine Good Citizen Award, tricks and more. Harley has been doing therapy visits at nursing homes and our truck dealership (entertaining employees and customers).

However after all Harley’s training and experience, at times he still shows signs of shyness with people. We don’t know what he encountered as a stray puppy that may have contributed to this behavior.

My veterinarian at Central Broward Animal had recommended that I contact Dawn Hanna at Oh Behave Dog Training.

After speaking with Dawn, she suggested trying her K9 Fun Nosework Class at Plantation Heritage Park. She indicated that this type of exercise is very good boosting confidence in dogs by using their natural instincts.

Harley and I attended Dawn’s K9 Fun Nosework Level 1 and Level 2.
On Harley’s last day of class, he demonstrated that he was quickly able to find a set of keys scented with birch essential oil. Harley loves doing this Nosework and his confidence definitely shows as he searches amongst various obstacles and objects.

Harley continues his K9 Nosework practicing at our dealership “Palm Tuck Centers”. I hide the dealership keys on and under various trucks in the lot. As you can see by the attached pictures, Harley has no fear while he searches under and around large tractors and trucks.

Thank you Dawn. Your class was very enjoyable and I love watching Harley in action on his searches, and he obviously enjoys it as well.


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